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Event held at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá It counted with the participation of Representatives of NEM and PundiX The director of NEM for Latin America and the representative of the company spoke about the mission / vision of both entities and the deployment they have had in the region.

Event held at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá It counted with the participation of Representatives of NEM and PundiX The director of NEM for Latin America and the representative of the company spoke about the mission / vision of both entities and the deployment they have had in the region.
Last weekend, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce held the cycle of conferences called "The future of Blockchain in Latin America" . Event that brought together experts and local participants of the Blockchain ecosystem as well as special guests from Russia and Brazil.
In addition to the participation of the representatives of U.Community , the NEM director for Latin America, Pedro Gutiérrez, took advantage of the space to share with the attendees some data about the Blockchain network that operates the foundation based in Singapore, which has been considered as one of the most solid and promising block networks at present.

Blockchain technology from NEM

Gutiérrez, began his speech by talking a little about the NEM technology, indicating that it is not only a Blockchain that operates a cryptocurrency, but also integrates a series of improvements that accredit it as a network of third generation blocks, far exceeding the properties offered by the Ethereum ecosystem at the level of development and services.
The director of NEM said that the company's public Blockchain is capable of processing more than 4,000 transactions per second, a figure that increases exponentially for its private network. Among the services that NEM offers to programmers and developers are an encrypted communication system for the transmission of important information; an apostille service to protect the property and authenticity of a product; a mosaic system for the creation of new tokens and digital assets; a service for the creation of domains, Wallets multifirma and voting service, which can be developed with programming languages ​​known as Java, Python, among others.
Gutiérrez stressed that the NEM Foundation has taken important steps in its expansion plan in the continent, but at the level of Colombia it mentioned as important alliances the recently established with the City Hall of Cali and with the Municipality of Córdoba. He also made reference to the progress that has been made in the development of his protocol, which has been strongly supported by Venezuelan programmers who have devoted great efforts to the evolution of their service offerings.
To illustrate to the attendees the applicability that NEM technology has had, Gutiérrez presented some very successful actual use cases:
  • GreenOx: Hydroponics system in containers that makes use of NEM's Blockchain to distribute profits equitably based on commercialized production.
  • Tutellus: Economic support system for university students, which evaluates the student's performance throughout the career through a scoring system managed by professors.
  • CopyrightBank: Service for the protection of copyrights by issuing digital certificates stored in a Blockchain network.
  • PundiX: Points of sale developed with NEM technology for the reception of payments in cryptocurrencies and marketing of said balances.
Finally, Gutiérrez spoke to the attendees about the recently released updates with the Catapult protocol, which allows the automation of payment processes and a minimization in the execution periods of smart contracts, as well as the immediate compensation of the parties without have to wait for confirmation of the blocks. In addition, these improvements also incorporate the possibility of recovering funds through a validation system through third parties, while implementing a layer architecture improving network performance.

PundiX and the points of sale for crypto payments

The last conference of the event was in charge of Joao Victor Mendes, representative of PundiX for the Latin American region, who presented again the attendees the point of sale developed by the company, better known as XPOS.
Mendes developed in more detail some points that he commented previously during the MeetUp held in the city of Bogotá earlier this month , as he commented a bit about the mission / vision that inspired the creation of the product which is based on the idea of ​​making easier for all people to access cryptocurrencies as simply as shopping in a warehouse or market. He also indicated that only 1% of the world's population makes use of digital currencies and that these assets have proven to be very useful for residents of countries heavily hit by economic and political debacles, as it was in the USA and now It occurs in Venezuela and Argentina.
After sharing this data, Mendes showed the attendees the XPOS device and demonstrated its operation by using the XPASS card. The point of sale operates with several cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XEM, Litecoin, Binance ... among others) and supports different payment methods, such as the use of debit / credit cards with chip and transfers via QR code scanning. The Hardware generates a physical proof of the operation and is protected against hardware modifications as well as practices that may be considered illicit.
Mendes indicated that the product uses NEM layer technology to speed up payments, so when receiving transfers with Bitcoin or Ethereum it is not necessary to wait so long for verification of transactions. At the same time, he indicated that they will soon launch updates and operate on their own Blockchain network, so that interested creators can develop solutions that involve the use of the XPOS device.
As a final point the representative of PundiX indicated that the company has just launched its network in Hong Kong and will soon do so in Japan and South Korea, with the goal of expanding next year this possibility for the Colombian territory.
Before culminating Mendes officially announced that they had closed a commercial agreement with Manticora Capital, company that would carry out the official distribution of the equipment in Colombian territory. The new business partners indicated that they see great potential in this product, since the technology with which this has been developed can be applied to implement even a system of points supported by the legal currency in the country.
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Flash Informativo: Dash en alianza con Kripto Mobile lanzan Smartphones en Venezuela

Dash, con su slogan _“Digital Cash”_o “Dinero Digital” realmente es una de las criptomonedas más ágiles y fáciles de usar en pagos y micropagos del criptomundo se ha aliado con Kripto Mobile Corporation (KRIP), una marca líder de teléfonos inteligentes que poseen integrado un Wallet para criptomonedas, con la intención de lanzar en Venezuela, un Smartphone que permita a sus usuarios usar criptomonedas en las transacciones del día a día.
Krip Mobile es una empresa con sede en Miami, Estados Unidos, que se dedica a la comercialización de Smartphones con Wallets preinstalados para manejar criptomonedas de una forma más rápida y sencilla.

Los Smartphones que lanzó Krip Mobile en alianza con Dash vienen precargados con un ecosistema completo para Dash, incluyendo la billetera Dash y la opción de recarga, además aplicaciones como Bitrefill, que es la compañía más grande del mundo para hacer pagos y recargas telefónicas con criptomonedas. Además vienen con la app de Uphold multi-cartera. En cuanto a la parte técnica se sabe que hay dos modelos del terminal de Krip, ambas versiones con 1Gb/2Gb de RAM, 8Gb/16Gb de espacio en disco y su costo es realmente bastante bajo, lo cual lo convierte en una opción muy accesible en cualquier mercado Latinoaméricano.
El lanzamiento de este Smartphone, se realizó el pasado 25 de Agosto en la decimoprimera conferencia de Dash Caracas en Venezuela y sin duda ha cautivado la atención de muchas personas que recién ahora han descubierto este nuevo terminal/Wallet.

Para los que todavía no conocen mucho de Dash, sólo se puede decir que es la criptomoneda ideal para micropagos sencillos como pagar un café, comprar el periódico o un Snack, ya que las velocidades de su red son tan rápidas que las mismas están confirmadas casi de inmediato en apenas unos pocos segundos y además con las comisiones bajas.
Por ahora hay expectativa en en el mercado, ya que Dash está presente en Venezuela y especialmente en la zona de su capital Caracas, donde han sumado más de 1.000 establecimientos que aceptan ésta criptomoneda. Sin duda este lanzamiento, es una muestra más del cambio que se está suscitando tanto en Venezuela como en el resto de Latinoamérica, donde las soluciones de pago con criptomonedas están tomando cada vez más auge sobre todo en zonas donde la bancarización es nula o casi nula.

Venezuela es en este momento uno de los países donde más Bitcoins y Altcoins se mueven en el mundo. El criptomercado se mueve a una velocidad vertiginosa producto de la crisis político-económica, lo cual ha obligado a muchos a proteger su capital en el ecosistema de criptoactivos. Ahora esta solución de Dash y Krip Mobile, realizarán un verdadero impulso a este mercado en crecimiento.
No cabe duda que se avecina una tormenta en el sector financiero. La banca hoy por hoy cada vez más regulada y restringida, tiene poco margen de maniobra para competir contra las criptomonedas. Este movimiento de Dash no es el único, hay otras criptomonedas del mercado preparando soluciones similares en Latinoamérica por lo que en unos años, la transformación o la desaparición de la Banca está cada vez más cerca.
Si quieres colaborar con nuestro proyecto, puedes considerar hacer una donación o simplemente regalar una propina, ingresando en este Link: Donaciones y Patrocinios _.
Links de interés:, Forums, News, @dashpay, Dash 9z8zX5j, @dash_chat, dashpay, Dash Channel/UCAzD2v9Yx4a4iS2_-unODkA, (G+): Dash, DASH a P2P Digital Cash [Official group], @dashpay, @Dashpay/dash,, @KriptoMobile,, @bitrefill, @bitrefill, /Bitrefill/.
Otros links de interés:, @dashcaracas, @dashcaracas, @dashcaracas, DashVenezuela Channel/UCwUPazTopvP6WOqF6nBP7Ug.
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Working hard in Colombia, 2 national radio interviews, 4 conferences and 2 meetups in the last month.

Hello guys, while everyone is panicking, we are working really hard to spread the word here in colombia.
So, in the past month we have maded 4 conferences in diferent cities medellin, pereira, manizales and bogota.
And maded 1 interview this week in a National Radio Station "Caracol Radio" and today we are going to do another.
We have opened personally ~50 wallets. (a low donation to encourage people to investigate more)
This was posible thanks to some donations and your interest.
As i promised a while back, i'll keep working hard and i'm asking you guys to encourage our memebers to keep this work.
For pictures, the stories behind the meetups, conferences and radio interviews (spanish) visit:
Thanks again
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How I met your e-Wallet (BitCoins) CONFERENCIA On Line sobre BITCOIN Por Lalo Coral 30 Nov How to earn free bitcoins Conferencia Bitcoin y Blockchain (3/4) - MINAR, WALLETS, EXCHANGES, ICOs Cómo funciona Blockchain. Explicación sencilla visual en ...

Ledger Wallet ofrece tres productos distintos: Ledger Nano, Ledger HW.1 y Ledger Unpugged. Ledger Nano es una cartera Bitcoin presentada en una tarjeta inteligente de pequeño tamaño y poco peso. Se conecta vía USB a una computadora para manejar la cuenta y realizar transacciones de manera segura. También está disponible la versión duo ... «El Bitcoin como un tipo de activo», título que recibe la conferencia, se debe a la cada vez mayor atención que prestan las firmas financieras tanto a esta moneda digital como a las otras existentes. De acuerdo con Pamir Gelenbe, organizador de la misma, el objetivo es fomentar el debate entre los diferentes defensores del Bitcoin y que se consigan relaciones entre inversores y ... The CoinsBank Wallet provides a simple way to manage your funds when and where you want. All it takes is the click of a button, the sending of an email or the swipe of your CoinsBank Debit Card. More about wallets. The real debit card. Your Debit Card and CoinsBank Wallet are perfectly united. Simply add bitcoins to your wallet and the card is ready for use. Whether you prefer to shop online ... Primera Conferencia Mundial CTB (Crypto Trading Bot´s) 4 Views ... Submit comment. Be the first to comment. Up Next. Autoplay 14:30. Análise Bitcoin - BTC - 04/09/2020 - NOVO CRASH MUNDIAL A CAMINHO??? by kornersudden 1 month ago 0 Views. Copy Successful Crypto Traders. Bitcoin Live Trading. Trading BTC USD With Crypto Trading Robot Deri . by ... El rapero Akon, de origen senegalés, será uno de los principales oradores en una charla virtual gratuita que organiza Binance para celebrar su tercer aniversario, este 14 de julio.. El evento contará con más de 80 oradores, que participarán en cinco conferencias gratuitas, que se extenderán por 10 horas, a partir de las 5:00 de la mañana (hora de Venezuela).

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How I met your e-Wallet (BitCoins)

Dias 05/06 de Maio em São Paulo haverá a maior conferência brasileira sobre Bitcoin e Criptomoedas, haverá vários palestrantes de peso, workshop, eu estarei ... Explicación esquemática sobre el funcionamiento de blockchain y bitcoin. Todos los comentarios bienvenidos. Twitter: @CryptoEsp Web: Únete ... La Conferencia de Bitcoin y Criptomonedas más importante del año ... Cómo funciona bitcoin. Wallets, mineros, forks, blockchain. Explicación sencilla y completa español. - Duration: 46:48 ... Aprenda nesse vídeo de uma vez por todas os passos de configuração da sua trezor wallet. Adquira sua trezor em Site Trezor http://bit.l... Conferencia de Bitcoin y Blockchain junio 2017 Para cursos y señales de inversión Para minar bitcoins