GhostSec: ISIS Has Bitcoin Wallet Worth $3 Million ...

Big Ni🅱️🅱️a Respect Thread

Big Nigga is a powerful but enigmatic entity who does as he pleases, simultaneously being and destroying just about anything he wants.
Blocks shit meme
Throws 90Kg projectile 300m
Straight up destroyed thots
Saved Hawaii by blocking missile
Destroys Roman Empire
Blocks asteroid
Stops earthquake
Yeets chicken to KFCs all across the UK
Annihilates a sammich
Eats Jesus. Gods says he will be a better father
Is the legendary Saiyan
Saves Tilted Towers from a meteor
Chokes white bitch out. Is too large to subscribe to gender binary
Yeets away Bella Thorne’s Dyslexia
Hits Ultra Yeet
Dropping his Big Mac causes a magnitude 10 earthquake
Accidentally breaks a Nokia 3310, may cause the end of the world
Breaks 3 tackles
Blows up the MF Moon
Fights wanked Saitama, tearing the Omniverse apart
Deadass picks up Thor’s hammer. Is more worthy than anyone
Started the Big Bang
Holds the door against Wights
Blocks tsunami
Fucks shit up in Attack On Titan
Takes a bite out of Canada, killing 15.6 trillion
Leaves the solar system
Drinks chug jug in 5 seconds
Counts to infinity
Yeets into heaven after all thots are defeated
Saves JFK
Saves penalty, goes to World Cup
Yeets to hell to fight demons with Doomguy
Takes Sudentenland before Hitler
Wins gold in men’s single skating. Kim Jong Un isn’t even mad he lost
Changes position faster than light
Flies to California, instantly putting out the fires with his MF yeet
He and Trump beat Cuphead in 7 seconds while blindfolded
Steals space car
Masters Ultra Instinct
Breaks the MF record by breaking the laws of physics
Is too OP in Mario Kart
Fastest thing ever. 1000000000000000000000 KM/Hr
Lives forever in our hearts
Closes black hole by being bigger than it
Fought cancer in space
Fought kidneys in space
Listens to Voyager mixtape in space without a record player
Hardest rapper out of Dallas
Likes a “like this post to die instantly” post and lives
Faces off against E in front of the sun
Can wield the infinity stones. Uses them to make gay illegal
Rises from the dead after 3 days
Scares the Grim Reaper by rising from the dead
Yeets on The Moon
Blocks volcano
Eats all the infinimacs to become Infinigga
Is in the center of a black hole
Comes back from the dead without looking like a zombie
Fights cancer in space. He can’t die
Drinks entire gallon of yeet juice. Ugly Nigga can’t even handle a sip despite having similar cosmic powers
Can survive on Mars
Comes back from the dead on Halloween to check on his homies
Eats the sun
Can’t die, it’s literally impossible to kill him
Steals Samus’s kill fighting Briany Bitch
Straight up beats Thanos with multiple stones
Blocks global warming
Eminem is too scared to diss him
Divides by zero before God
Reincarnated as Big Chungus
If he and absolute Unit teamed up E would be fucked
Him, Stefan, and God collabed to make Despacito 3
Has Animorph powers and can turn into Big Chungus
Easily rotates text in MS Paint
His rap album is a masterpiece
Joins Holy Trinity. Is God’s real son
Can fire lasers from his Thot Blaster
Broke Stephen Hawking out of heaven
Leaves Earth. Ascends to the next plane
World War 1 veteran
Made it to Valhalla. Impressed Odin enough to invite him back for Ragnarok
Promoted to CEO of apple. Will release iPhone XXX
Shouted a thot off a cliff
Was a child star on the Simpsons
revives Steve Jobs
Collected the Infinitys Bs
Creates Kirby
Watches over the cosmos
Cures Sayori
Finds the One Piece. Luffy isn’t even mad
Raises chicken army
Announcements of his show drop suicide rates to -10%
Shapeshifts into a penguin
Goes to Mars
Revives Mussolini
Worked for Jesus, he either has time travel or immortality
Traveled back in time to teach cavemen the wheel. Harvard scientists says he is deadass smart
Releases Bible 2
Creates giant library
Transcends existence to become an emoji
Glitches universe to T Pose
Brings balance to the force. Can become a force ghost.
Him, Thanos, and Kim Jong Un team up to release Gangam Style 2. John Cena has never seen a team this powerful
Unifies German States under Prussian rule
Takes over White House
Forces peace between Koreas. Scares Kim into stopping his nuclear program
Died for our sins
Can communicate with us from heaven
Wins the Iron Throne. Drogon is scared of him. Melisandre is sure he is Azor Ahai reborn
Saves children from flood
Performed a head transplant. Ben Carson is shocked by his intelligence
Becomes Big Cracker, his Super Saiyan God super Saiyan form
Joins MK Tournament, Outworld has no chance.
Cancer catches HIM
Has multiple Pokemon, at least one can talk
Wins infinite Chicken in PUBG, is bigger than the circle
Exposes the Illuminati
God made him to clear the riff raff out of heaven, and needs his help
Was given 69 wishes by Genie Nigga
Revives Harambe
Has his own movie
Seizes control of worlds’ Tide Pod supply
Invented Bitcoin
Abducts cancer cells
contains the missing 90% of Baryonic matter, baffling scientists
Star Platinum is his stand
Yoshi doesn’t want to mess with him in Mario Kart
Can use a Spirit Bomb
Is a time traveler here to prevent a dark future timeline
Discovers new life
Turns into a painting
Does magic
Secures relations with midget tribes
His fight against Cory Baxter destroyed the universe
Performed the Tokyo fire bombings by lighting his farts on fire
Owns a rocket launcher
The Pentagon is doomed against Big Nigga and Bobby B together
wrote the Bible
Spawns into universe to stop an asteroid, saving billions
Opponents defeated
Saves Christmas by foiling ISIS plot to kill Santa
Killed Hitler with a SCAR
Beat Shaggy using only 2% of his power
Straight up murders Kratos
Turns ISIS into WASWAS
Genocides millions of thots worldwide with Thot Patrol
Forces the Jedi council to promote Anakin to the rank of master
Joins the Rainbow 6 team, causing terrorist leader to surrender in fear
Martians, stopping them from conquering Earth. Has laser vision.
Arrests Yoshi for tax fraud
Kills Johnny Test
Stops UFO invasion
Bans Howard the Alien from bigniggasagga
Bought Valve for $420 billion
Defeats Goku
The T Pose army is fucked
Hitler surrenders after Big Nigga joins Allies
Killed Tupac
Launches nuke at NK, forcing them to surrender
Stops school shooter
Bools on sequelmemes
Infinite from Sonic is weak AF compared to him
Yeets on Emperor Palpatine, causing World War 3
Is way stronger than Gohan
Kills Bowser
Parts the Red Sea
The combined yeet of the Nigga family deep fries Bill Cosby to death
Stops 9/11 attack, making plane say “fuck that”
Wins Fortnite with 24 kills
Kills Herobrine, saving all of Minecraft
Shoots down International Space Station
Fucking kills Apyr
Out Zuccs Mark Zuckerberg, stealing his private data with a fat yeet
Hits yeet on bigass spider with help of T Pose Army
Deadass kills Ugly Nigga with a laser to the face
Deletes cyber thot
Easily defeats ISIS by scaring them into bombing themselves
Defeats Jiren with a fat yeet. Zeno thinks he’s too MF strong
Yeets on Despacito
Pops Mosley
Yeets on elementary school
Kills Spongebob
Bools on cancer
Things Big Nigga is
10 lil niggas boolin
A warplane
Dark matter, making him 95% of the universe
Playable in Smash. Other characters don’t want to mess with him
Made of Big Niggas
Hiroshima bomb
The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs
UN ambassador for the USA
An Avenger
A Supreme Court justice
An infinite number of small niggas boolin
A moth with a trebuchet
Earth. Can change his axis
Planet 9
2017 Eclipse
The Kabba
A hill in Peru
Shithole countries. Trump cannot see past him
A new galaxy
Jesus reincarnated
This year’s most popular porn star
The center of the universe
The director of Spider Man 4
The next step in human evolution
Behind the Black Death
Darth Plagueis
The final boss of Undertale
John Lennon’s killer
The 9th Divine
A pulsar
At the center of the galaxy. His eating fooled scientists into thinking he was a black hole
High ground
Gravitational waves
One with the force
The universe
The Earth
President of the USA
Elon Musk
The cause of Compton Scattering
A German scout
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Are ISIS using bitcoin? (conspiracy theory)

So we know an idiotic 'journalist' lied when posting an article about ISIS having $23million in bitcoin (see @postmoi twitter feed)
Yet what about this $3million bitcoin account that GhostSec claims to have uncovered? (that Lewis Sanders IV stands by and also confirmed by @DigitaShadow (GhostSec) as reported by newsbtc)
This is now widely being reported in the press as fact, yet no address has been released
By announcing the 'find' they have already alerted ISIS to it being compromised, so why not release the address(es) so community can help monitor the bitcoins and hopefully eventually track down the terrorists??
Using the 'ongoing investigation' line does not add up- either someone is lying about the $3million or they shouldnt have made this public/ or they should release address(es)?
The fact GhostSec has openly said it is working with the Feds 'to thwart attacks' makes me even more suspicious
Timiing of this hitting the press just as emotions are running high over Paris and EU Commission meeting to potentially 'ban' bitcoin also seems 'convenient'??
If I disappear, everyone please keep asking questions!
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Europol Finds No Evidence Linking Bitcoin To ISIS

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It is obvious that the costs of travel the renting of cars and safe houses and the acquisition of means of communication and of weapons and explosives may involve considerable sums of the report said. Despite third party reporting suggesting the use of anonymous currencies like Bitcoin by terrorists to finance their activities this has not been confirmed by law. However it only accounts for to of their total income and in no way was linked to the Paris attacks despite what you may be reading Ghost Security Group Cyber Terrain Vigilance told. Neither EconoTimes nor its third party suppliers shall be liable for any errors omissions or delays in content or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.
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Europol Finds No Evidence Linking Bitcoin To ISIS

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 51%.
Bitcoin, the controversial digital currency, came under fire following the horrifying terrorist attacks in Paris, with many suspecting the terrorist group ISIS to use the digital currency for financing their activities.
In a major positive news to the bitcoin community, the EU law enforcement agency Europol has said that it did not find any evidence to back up reports linking the ISIS to the use of bitcoin or other alternative digital currencies, CoinDesk reported.
"There is no evidence however of IS-financing networks in existence. Despite third party reporting suggesting the use of anonymous currencies like Bitcoin by terrorists to finance their activities, this has not been confirmed by law enforcement."
In November, a group of computer "Hactivists", going by the name Ghost Security Group, said it has located several bitcoin accounts used by ISIS to fund operations, Fox News reported.
The group clarified they did not link bitcoin to Paris attacks.
"We have linked IS to using bitcoin. However it only accounts for 1% to 3% of their total income and in no way was linked to the Paris attacks despite what you may be reading," Ghost Security Group, Cyber Terrain Vigilance told News.Markets.
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Still Report # 277 - ISIS Marches on Baghdad ISIS terrorist with the grenade launcher has been struck ... Fighting ISIS  TERROR Philippines Special Forces Are On The Hunt For ISIS ... Ghost Recon Wildlands - ISIS abducts Cartel members!

Shortly after the Paris attacks of November 13th, a number of news outlets began to circulate a story that had been brewing since 2014: ISIL (nee ISIS and IS) had been using Bitcoin to… ISIS is believed to be the first terrorist group to be prosecuted in court for cryptocurrency activities. US teenager Ali Shukri Amin was jailed for 11 years in 2015 for providing ISIS supporters with an online manual on how to use Bitcoin to conceal donations. They found terrorist analyst Michael S. Smith II through Twitter. Smith, who works at defense consulting firm Kronos Advisory, serves as a counterterrorism adviser to members of Congress and was ... An example is the pro-ISIS hacker group Caliphate Cyber Ghosts (CCG) which recently released a video declaring "electronic war" on the U.S. and claiming it had already hacked into sensitive ... r/technology: Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues.

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Still Report # 277 - ISIS Marches on Baghdad

The world's richest army of violent militants -- named ISIS - is sweeping through northern Iraq and marching on Baghdad. Please consider supporting us there for as little as $1 per month. Go to ... ISIS terrorist with the grenade launcher has been struck by sniper's shot [Mosul,Iraq] Footage shows as the terrorist with the grenade launcher has been stru... My channel probably got flagged for promoting terrorism, so if you hear some kind of explosion.. its probably me because I'll be bombing you cunts with new content soon. Game Tom Clancy's Ghost ... ISIS terrorist with the grenade launcher has been struck by sniper's shot [Mosul,Iraq] - Duration: 0:41. Latest Military News 1,848,203 views In Iraq, Suroosh speaks to the soldiers on the frontline of the fight against ISIS and experiences the violence of the conflict firsthand. From TERROR. Subsc...