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Get your wallet started - Sites with Free BitCoins ;)

Guys thought I'd give you a heads up of how to get some free coins. All these sites give you small amounts of bitcoins everyday and on some you have a chance of winning bigger amounts. Just make sure you have a BitCoin Wallet setup so you have a BitCoin Address, and you're good to go.
Daily BitCoins
Bunny Run
El Bitcoin Gratis
Coin Reaper
Bit Coiner
Coin Ticket
EDIT These are BitCoin Faucets. You don't have to watch films, click ads or anything. Just enter your address for free bitcoins.
Less than half of the links are referral links and it's no scam so i think it's a bit unfair to flame/downvote me for offering people a way to get going. I use these sites all the time and although you only get small amounts, it all adds up and who knows what 0.00001 of a coin will be worth in 1 year from now.
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You just got started with Bitcoins and your wallet still shows 0.00? You can’t get enough of the free cash on the internet? Here’s a list of sites that will reward you with free Bitcoins: BUT: don’t forget to claim your lottery tickets first! [ Last update: 21.06.2013 ] Note: All rewards listed are in μBTC. 1μBTC equals one millionth of a Bitcoin. That’s 0.000001 BTC or 100 Satoshis ... Bitcoin est une monnaie électronique décentralisée conçue en 2009 par le pseudonyme Satoshi Nakamoto. Fonctionnant de façon entièrement distribuée, la gestion de la monnaie est répartie ... BitCoins sind eine digitale Währung, die im Moment auf Grund Ihres Wertes eine hohe Aufmerksamkeit bekommt. Bitcoin Client bzw. Wallet (Geldbörse) Für die ersten Schritte braucht es einen einfachen BitCoin Client. Ich empfehle hier Electrum. Der große Vorteil: Es muss nicht die ganze Blockchain (Daten, in denen die ganze historische Transaktionsgeschichte seit es BitCoins gibt,… Whether you're a new bitcoin user looking to get your hands dirty with your first bitcoin wallet, or just looking for additional ways to earn free bitcoin for performing simple tasks, this site contains an up-to-date list of the best free bitcoin websites. Each of the sites below allows you to earn free bitcoin: some by viewing ads, some by answering captcha challenges, and some by doing ... Báo 24h [email protected] Blogger 4 1 25, ...

[index] [30295] [36769] [34579] [11815] [40601] [35534] [9729] [12501] [17323] [25172]


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